About Hidden Gem

HIDDEN GEM LIFE SOLUTIONS LLC, was founded in 2015. Our goal is to convert life insurance policies into cash, by providing the policyholders with money in excess of the cash surrender value, and the agents and financial advisors with a full commission on the deal. Hidden Gem purchases the life insurance policies via affiliated state-licensed life settlement providers.

The Advantages of Partnering with Hidden Gem

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No hidden fees, extra “service charges,” or upfront costs

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Agents and advisors receive full commission on the deal

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We handle the life settlement process from A to Z

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Above market competitive offers

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Individual attention given to each case

The Hidden Gem Purchasing Process

  1. The policyholder representative (the agent or financial advisor) reaches out to Hidden Gem.
  2. Hidden Gem sends the policyholder representative an application to fill out.
  3. The policyholder representative has the policyholder fill out the application and obtains necessary documentation from the policyholder.
  4. Once the application is submitted to Hidden Gem, the Hidden Gem team does their due diligence to determine the value of the policy.
  5. Once the value is determined, a settlement can be reached in as little as two weeks.

Why Sell?

There are various reasons why a life insurance policyholder would be interested in selling their policy.

  1. Premiums continue to rise, and the policy becomes too expensive to maintain.
  2. The policy is no longer needed for tax planning purposes due to the increase in the non-taxable estate to $22,000,000
  3. The initial reason for the policy no longer exists.
  1. There are ongoing medical expenses that need to be covered, and selling a policy would provide much-needed cash resources.
  2. Retirement income is not enough and additional funds are needed to cover expenses.
  3. The policy is approaching its expiration date.

If any of these scenarios describe your client’s situation, there is a great opportunity available for both you and your client. It’s up to you to let them know that selling their policy is the perfect solution that can benefit all parties involved. Why wait?

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Hidden Gem Life Solutions (“Hidden Gem”)
may purchase policies in the following states that do not regulate the secondary market for life insurance: Alabama, Dist. of Columbia, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming. In all other states, Hidden Gem purchases life settlements via affiliated state licensed life settlement providers.

This website is only intended for residents of those states where Hidden Gem IS AUTHORIZED TO purchase life insurance policies in the secondary market. Nothing contained on this site is meant as legal, tax or financial advice. Any user wishing to conduct a life settlement transaction should seek such advice from an independent professional adviser. Void outside the United States and where otherwise prohibited by law.

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