Where You Live Matters More Than You Realize

Why do you live in your current location?

Think about it. Did you grow up there? Do you have relatives in the area? Are you there for schoolWorkJob opportunitiesThe weather? These are all things people consider when they decide where to live.

What about… retirement? **crickets**

When deciding where to live, most people don’t take retirement into account. It just doesn’t occur to people that there are certain places that make it so much easier to have access to the affordable care and housing seniors need when they retire.

Did you have any idea that there are certain states that are more senior-friendly than others?

New York is one of them, and so are Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Iowa. On the flip side, some of the worse states for seniors to live include Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Delaware, and Arizona.

All of this information, and more, is available on Caring.com, a website that acts as a valuable information portal for seniors. The website, which contains a real wealth of information and can act as a valuable resource for seniors in America, has created a report called the 2019 Senior Living Report. It was compiled to identify the states that are the friendliest towards seniors and offer the highest quality of life for older adults.

New York is considered one of the top ten places for seniors to live, and Brooklyn is ranked as #1 in the state of New York. Seniors living in Brooklyn can pat themselves on the back for having chosen a smart city to live. This ranking is based on a large variety of categories, including healthcare, housing, quality of life, and affordability.

As stated in the report, “Health Care makes up about 1/5th of the score for each state and area graded in this report. The reason we gave this category such a high weight is that it’s one of the first and most important considerations for seniors when they are considering moving. When it comes to the overall quality of living in an area, health care places a huge role in determining how happy and healthy seniors are.”

At Hidden Gem Life Solutions, we couldn’t agree more. Ensuring that seniors’ healthcare and insurance policies are taken care of and are being managed properly is extremely important.

As a life insurance agent or broker, if you have a client who lives in a state where it is difficult for seniors to afford proper healthcare, there are multiple ways you can help them improve their financial situation. One method is to help your clients turn their life insurance policy into a valuable financial asset through a life settlement.

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