Cancer Treatment Clinics in Mexico & Medical Tourism

While the U.S. offers many conventional cancer treatments within our borders, there are many alternative and experimental treatments, including stem cell treatments, which are not offered. This is why “medical tourism” – traveling abroad for the purpose of receiving medical treatment – is gaining popularity among U.S. citizens.

The closest clinics are located in Mexico and many are just across the border, limiting travel time and expenses for those that wish to seek treatment. Below is a comprehensive list of cancer treatment clinics in Mexico.

Angeles Functional Oncology

Angeles Functional Oncology is conveniently located in Tijuana, a mere 15 minutes from the San Diego airport. This clinic, which is actually linked to a hospital, boasts an interdisciplinary team made up of clinical psychologists, physicians, nutritionists, and spiritual psychologists. Because the facility is housed within a hospital, it is well equipped to deal with medical emergencies and complications, giving its patients peace of mind during their 3-week stay.

Integrative Whole Health Clinic

This is another Tijuana-based clinic offering a range of therapies including laetrile (b-17) therapy, stem cell therapy, and a variety of nutritional and dietary therapies. There is a strong focus on nutrition and all meals are prepared and served at the clinic; in addition, the patient is allowed and encouraged to bring one guest with them, who can also take advantage of these freshly prepared meals free of charge. Rooms at this clinic are complete with satellite television and Wi-Fi. Integrative Whole Health Clinic also offers spa packages and guided tours of Tijuana for an additional fee. This clinic also provides a 3-6 month supply of medications and supplements upon your discharge from the facility.

Stella Maris Clinic

This Tijuana-based clinic focuses primarily on a metabolic approach to treatment including natural therapies that promote the body’s immune responses and a full detox process. Stella Maris also recognizes the relationship between mind and body and offers stress therapy to ensure that the body is functioning as best as possible. While this clinic does not offer on-site lodging, there are several nearby hotels that the clinic recommends; some are less than 5 minutes away.

International Biocare Clinic

The International Biocare Clinic, like the others above, is also located in Tijuana. This clinic boasts a combination of conventional and alternative therapies in order to achieve the most comprehensive cancer treatment. Some the therapies offered include medical hyperthermia, laetrile therapy, stem cell therapy, oxidative therapies, and blood irradiation as well as detoxification and dietary supplements. Its founder, Dr. Rodriguez, boasts four decades of experience in integrative and alternative treatments for cancer and other disorders and provides extensive literature on the efficacy of the treatments offered at the clinic. While inpatient therapy is required for the initial stages of treatment, outpatient therapies are also offered should the patient choose to continue working with the clinic.

Gerson Clinic

This clinic is based upon Gerson Therapy – the use of a natural, plant-based diet along with supplements and coffee enemas to reactivate the body’s ability to heal itself. Patients at the Gerson clinic are required to bring a companion with them at no additional cost; the companion learns how to implement Gerson Therapy once the patient leaves the clinic. While this clinic is fairly small with only 10 beds, the typical stay is only 2 weeks. The clinic treats a variety of cancers and other conditions, but it is important to note that the clinic does not accept patients with brain cancer, advanced leukemia, or patients with pacemakers, stents, or cardiac valve replacements. Also, patients that have received chemotherapy must wait 4 weeks after their last treatment before they can enter the Gerson Clinic.

Oasis of Hope

Oasis of Hope is located 25 minutes from the San Diego airport, where a shuttle will meet you and take you directly to the hospital. This clinic advertises the benefit of having all procedures including x-rays and therapies under one roof in order to maximize the patient’s comfort. There are a variety of integrative therapies offered at Oasis of Hope including stem cell therapy, oxygen therapy, vitamin therapies, and dietary therapies. Unlike most of the other clinics, Oasis has the tools and facilities to provide low-dose chemotherapy and perform surgeries if this is part of a patient’s personalized plan.

Sanoviv Medical Institute

This clinic, located in Baja California, also utilizes an integrative approach to the treatment of cancer. Detox, nutrient restoration, and immune modulation are paired with medical hyperthermia, surgery (if necessary), and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in order to ensure the cancer is addressed on all fronts. The facility is located approximately one hour from San Diego and transportation is provided. Each patient is provided with a room on-site complete with a queen bed (bringing a companion is highly encouraged – companion suites are also available), a television, balcony, and private bathroom. The facility also provides a medical spa, fitness center, and psychological/spiritual therapies to ensure that the mind and body are in perfect sync during the recovery process.

Issels Integrative Immuno-Oncology

This Tijuana-based hospital chain advertises state-of-the-art, non-toxic cancer treatments including gene-target therapy, cytokine therapy, stem cell therapy, and various cancer vaccines that trigger the body’s immune response. The facility is complete with 12 operating suites, an intensive care unit, emergency room, restaurant, private rooms, and outpatient surgery suites. Transportation is provided to and from the San Diego airport and emergency helicopter transportation is also available. The Issels Center communicates regularly with its U.S. location allowing for a streamlined approach to complete care.

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