Alternative Cancer Treatments

Being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming. While we highly recommend you seek guidance from skilled medical professionals, Here are some alternative cancer treatments you can explore or discuss with your doctor. Some of these cancer treatments can be very expensive and we encourage you to check out our post about crowdfunding for cancer treatments and our big resource or all available cancer treatment funding options.

Proton Therapy

Photon therapy is a noninvasive procedure involving the use of a beam of protons targeted at the affected area. These particles damage the DNA cancerous cells and prevent them from reproducing any further. Three of the most prominent applications of this form of therapy are pediatric neoplasms, ocular tumors, and prostate cancer. Due to the precision of these particle beams, less damage is done to the surrounding healthy tissue and the strength or energy of the beam can be adjusted depending on how close the tumor is to the surface of the skin. The closer the tumor is to the surface of the skin, the less energy is required and in turn, less damage is done to the surrounding areas.

Gerson Therapy

Gerson therapy focuses mainly on the diet of the individual, eliminating all animal proteins and adding in dietary supplements. This therapy is based on the theory that cancer is caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body, which are balanced out with a vegetarian diet, supplements, and enemas. The dietary changes are believed to aid the body’s metabolic process and help the body heal.

Selenium Therapy

Some studies have indicated that those suffering from cancer or other major illnesses have a selenium deficiency. These studies have found that people taking 200mcg of selenium daily showed increased ability to destroy cancer-affected cells. In addition, studies have shown that selenium actually helps prevent one from developing cancer and a host of other illnesses and diseases such as HIV and Alzheimer’s disease.

Hoxsey Therapy

This is another diet-based therapy involving adding several roots and barks, nutritional supplements, and potassium iodide to the diet while avoiding pork, alcohol, tomatoes, vinegar, salt, and white flour products. Hoxsey Therapy has a slightly different approach for treating skin cancers and other external cancers involving the application of an herbal paste.

Amygdalin (laetrile) Therapy

Several theories surround the application of amygdalin, found in the seeds of apricots, peaches, plums, and almonds, in treating cancer. The compound is high in vitamin B-17; one theory posits that a deficiency in this vitamin results in cancer. This therapy can be used by itself or alongside a holistic regimen.

Antineoplaston Therapy

This personalized gene-targeted therapy focuses on a specific group of peptides and peptide derivatives that are administered at the Burzynski Research Institute in Texas. A variety of patients with advanced cancers participate in clinical trials at the institute in several phases. This therapy is based on an observed difference between the amount of peptides in the blood of cancer patients vs. the amount in a healthy control patient.

Chelation Therapy

This procedure uses a variety of compounds to remove heavy metals from the body. Originally used for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning, chelation therapy is now used in the treatment of cancer as well as autism and cardiovascular disease. This therapy must be administered by a trained professional; if not administered carefully, chelation therapy can cause toxicity, which is why chelation agents are not available over the counter.

Cytokine Therapy

Cytokines are used to manipulate the body’s natural immune response. This therapy allows the physician to activate the appropriate response to best be able to eradicate cancerous tissues in the body. This treatment has roots in Germany, where many patients from Eastern Europe gathered to participate in trials.

Megavitamin Therapy

High doses of various vitamins are used either alone or in conjunction with another therapy in order to treat a variety of cancers and other ailments. This is based on the principle that a traditional Western diet does not contain the nutrients necessary for long-term health. Taking mega doses of common vitamins and supplements can help make up for the nutrients that our diets lack.

Alkaline Diet

This simple process is based on the principle that the pH of our blood is naturally alkaline and our diet should match in alkalinity. Alkaline diets require one to avoid meat, cheese, and grains, as these foods increase acidity of the body. Fruits, vegetables, and medicines that raise alkalinity are the core of this diet.

Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is typically used to treat common side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting, however, numerous studies have found that cannabis has properties that can treat cancer and tumors found in breast and lung cancers. Although research and clinical trials involving the use of medical cannabis for treatment purposes is somewhat stymied in the U.S., extracts and concentrates are used overseas for a variety of ailments, including cancer.

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