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AT HIDDEN GEM LIFE SOLUTIONS, we specialize in purchasing life and viatical settlements.


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Case Study 1
Face Amount: $10,000,000
Policy Type: Universal Life
Gender: Female
Age: 80
Health Status: No Impairments
Sale Amount: $534,000

Agent Commission: $55,000

Case Study 2
Face Amount: $5,000,000
Policy Type: Universal Life
Gender: Male
Age: 84
Health Status: Significantly Impaired
Sale Amount: $1,680,000

Agent Commission: $180,000

Convert your client’s liability into
an asset with Hidden Gem.

IN RECENT YEARS, as the elderly population in America increases, life settlements have become a popular solution for a growing number of individuals who no longer have a need for their policies.

The process for completing a life settlement is simple. You contact us when your client needs to sell their policy, we perform due diligence on the policy, and, if everything is in order, your client receives a lump-sum payment at the completion of the sale. This process can be completed in 2-4 weeks.

As Hidden Gem Life Solutions is a buyer and not a brokerage firm, the life insurance agent or financial advisor is entitled to the entire life settlement brokerage commission – which can range from 10-30% of the policy purchase price – creating a solution that benefits all parties involved.

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Hidden Gem Life Solutions (“Hidden Gem”)
may purchase policies in the following states that do not regulate the secondary market for life insurance: Alabama, Dist. of Columbia, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming. In all other states, Hidden Gem purchases life settlements via affiliated state licensed life settlement providers.

This website is only intended for residents of those states where Hidden Gem IS AUTHORIZED TO purchase life insurance policies in the secondary market. Nothing contained on this site is meant as legal, tax or financial advice. Any user wishing to conduct a life settlement transaction should seek such advice from an independent professional adviser. Void outside the United States and where otherwise prohibited by law.

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